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Air - Absolute and Kinematic Viscosity

Absolute (dynamic) and kinematic viscosity of air at temperatures ranging -40 - 1000 o C (-40 - 1500 o F) at standard atmospheric pressure ...

Viscosity - Wikipedia

Air viscosity calculator as function of temperature and pressure; Fluid Characteristics Chart A table of viscosities and vapor pressures for various fluids;

Viscosity - California Polytechnic State University

English: 1 ft2/s = 9.26 x 104 cSt Table 1. Absolute (or dynamic) viscosity at 20˚C or 68˚F: ... Kinematic viscosity at 20˚C or 68˚F: Water Air Engine Oil

Air Properties - Engineering ToolBox

Air Properties Density, specific heat, thermal conductivity, expansion coefficient, kinematic viscosity and Prandtl's number - air temperature ranging -150 o C to 400 o C

Viscosity - NASA

The dynamic viscosity coefficient divided by the density is called the kinematic viscosity and given the ... like air, the shear stress is linearly proportional ...

Physical Properties of Air (English Units) - S.B.A. Invent

View the density, specific weight, viscosity, and speed of sound of Air at different temperatures.

Units of viscosity - Hydramotion

Units of viscosity air 0.02 acetone 0.3 methanol 0.6 water 1.0 ethanol 1.2 mercury 1.5 linseed oil (raw) 28 corn oil 72 olive oil 84 motor oil SAE 20 125

Air Properties Definitions - NASA

On this slide you will find typical values of the properties of air at sea level static conditions ... The sea level standard value of air viscosity mu is

Fluid Property Calculator - University of Wisconsin–Madison

Fluid Property Calculator; International Units English Units ... Viscosity: Thermal Conductivity: Prandtl Number: ...

Standard sea level - Wikipedia

Standard sea level (SSL) (also known as sea level standard ... Gas constant of air, R air = 287.057 m 2 / ... Dynamic viscosity, ...