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Reforms. Urukagina's code has been widely hailed as the first recorded example of government reform, seeking to achieve a higher level of freedom and equality. It ...

Urukagina, reformist king - Sumerian Shakespeare

Urukagina survived the sacking of Lagash and moved his capital to the smaller neighboring city of Girsu. He was still a king, but his kingdom was considerably reduced.

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The Reforms of Urukagina "He established freedom." While Greek political experience was so rich and varied that it has been said with pardonable exaggeration ...

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Urukagina (c. 2350 BC-) Urukagina, the leader of the Sumerian city-state of Girsu/Lagash, led a popular movement that resulted in the reform of the oppressive legal ...

Urukagina: Ruler Of Sumerian City Of Lagash And His ...

Urukagina’ s reign was in time when the political and economical situation in Lagash was unstable, after the downfall of his corrupt predecessor, Lugalanda.

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Urukagina (more correctly, Uru’inimgina) King of Lagash in the second half of the 24th century B.C. Urukagina implemented numerous reforms; for example, he put an ...

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Urukagina was a king who ruled in ancient Sumer from 2360-2380 BC. He instituted some reforms of the governing methodology and created one of the earliest systems of ...

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Urukagina (reigned ca. 24th century BC?, short chronology), alternately rendered as Uruinimgina or Irikagina, was a ruler of the city-state Lagash in Mesopotamia.

The Liberty Cones of Urukagina

A Urukagina foundation cone. A second cone is shown below. The matched pair is Urukagina's declaration of his social reforms for his citizens.

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