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Tilde - Wikipedia

This has also given rise to using two tildes ~~number as a shorthand for the mathematical floor function ...

Tilde | Define Tilde at Dictionary.com

Tilde definition, a diacritic (~) placed over an n, as in Spanish mañana, to indicate a palatal nasal sound or over a vowel, as in Portuquese são, to indicate ...

Urban Dictionary: Tilde

Note the use of extra letters preceding the tilde to complete the effect. ... the appearance of tildes have come to connote strong reactions of happiness or approval.

What is tilde? - Definition from WhatIs.com

In some operating systems, including Unix, the tilde is used to represent the current user's home directory. On Web server systems, the tilde is used by convention as ...

Teclas para español - Columbia University

Teclas para español The English keyboard plugs in to any USB connector. The Spanish keyboard plugs in to the round keyboard connector. Connect only one keyboard at a ...

Tildes - definition of Tildes by The Free Dictionary

til·de (tĭl′də) n. The diacritical mark ( ~ ), used for example over the letter n in Spanish to indicate the palatal nasal sound (ny), as in cañón, "canyon ...

How to Type Characters With Tilde Accent Marks - ThoughtCo

How to type characters with tilde accent marks on a Mac, a Windows PC, a mobile device and using HTML.

Sākums | tilde.lv

Tildes Tulkotājs apvieno sevī vārdnīcu un automātisko tekstu tulkošanu. Tulkotājs datorā. Veic tulkošanas pasūtījumu

Acentos , acento ortográfico - Reglas de Ortografía

El mayor banco de ejercicios ortográficos autocorregibles en lengua española disponible gratuitamente en Internet. Reglas de Ortografía 2010. Normas de Ortografía ...

Palabras con tilde. Acento y tilde. Juegos de palabras

TILDE (´) La tilde o acento ortográfico es una rayita inclinada (´) que se escribe sobre la vocal de la sílaba tónica de algunas palabras.

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