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Nasco Sludge Judge Liquid Samplers :Testing and Filtration ...

Nasco Sludge Judge™ Liquid Samplers . Made from rigid plastic tubing in three 5 ft. (1.53m) sections, provides maximum strength for liquid sampling at long distances

Sludge Judge | Wastewater Equipment and Services

The Sludge Judge is ideas for applications in non-caustic materials where accurate sample levels of settled solids are needed, including sewage treatment plants ...

DipStick Pro™ (Compare to Sludge Judge)

Septic Dipstick - Compare to Sludge Judge. 6' Water column & 4' Extension (10' total length). Used to get true core sample for accurate representation of water body.

Nasco Sludge Judge Sections :Testing and Filtration:Water ...

Shop online for a wide selection of Nasco Sludge Judge Sections

Sludge Judge Sampler System, 1.25" OD, 15 ft - Cole-Parmer

Buy Sludge Judge Sampler System, 1.25" OD, 15 ft and more from our comprehensive selection of Sludge Judge Sludge Samplers

How to Measure Septic Tank Sludge Depth - Aero-Stream

How to Measure Septic Tank Sludge Depth. ... If $75 to purchase a sludge judge is beyond your budget, you can build a device that will accomplish the same task.


T he following sludge sampling procedure is an example of a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for sample collection, which should be included in all sampling plans.

Sampler, Water Core, "Sludge Judge" Standard Capacity, 3/4 ...

Sampler, Water Core, "Sludge Judge" Standard Capacity, 3/4" Diameter at Hach USA

Clarifier Sludge Judge - Environmental leverage Inc

The sludge depth can be manually measured by such means as using a 'Sludge Judge", or automatically by sludge ... We ran various sludge judge tests during a ...

How to sludge judge a lagoon: part 2 - YouTube

This video shows several methods to properly perform a sludge judge in a wastwater lagoon system. It also goes over collecting samples for a total solids test.