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Page 1. Sandflies: New Zealand’s blackflies - teara.govt.nz

Worth writing home about. The first instance of the word sandfly (rather than blackfly) for the New Zealand species is in the journal of James Cook.

Sandflies a curse and a blessing | Stuff.co.nz

Sandflies a curse and a blessing ... Fortunately New Zealand sandflies and mosquitoes don't spread disease but many people react adversely to the ...

Sandflies | Ministry of Health NZ

The sandfly species in New Zealand are a nuisance, but the species that bite do not carry any infectious or transmittable diseases.

How to repel, or avoid being bitten by, sandflies | NZ

Articles . How to repel, or avoid being bitten by, sandflies. Details Written by Cheska Bennett. First off, sandflies in New Zealand are not actually sandflies.

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Fiordland (MIlford Sound) and parts of the West Coast have the worst sandfly issues. I haven't encountered any sandflies in Wanaka or Queenstown - but ...

Sandflies | New Zealand Geographic

New Zealand’s most popular destinations are plagued by hordes of tiny marauders, hungry for blood. Like the vampires of bad television they tear holes in our skin ...

Sandfly - Wikipedia

Sandfly (or sand fly) is a colloquial name for any species or genus of flying, ... New Zealand sandflies are in the Austrosimulium genus, a type of black fly.

Sandfly nuisance map – Sandflies and mosquitoes – Te Ara ...

This map of New Zealand shows the areas where sandflies are most likely to be a nuisance. The West Coast of the South Island stands out as sandfly country.

Goodbye Sandfly – Dealing with Sandfly Bites

Dealing with Sandfly Bites. ... I’m American and have been living & working in New Zealand for nearly 20 years. ... With 20 years of living with sandflies, ...

Goodbye Sandfly – NZ Sandfly Map

NZ Sandfly Map. New Zealand Sandfly Map. Where are the sandflies and how bad are they?