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Propagule | Define Propagule at Dictionary.com

Propagule definition, Botany, Mycology. any structure capable of being propagated or acting as an agent of reproduction. See more.

Propagules - definition of Propagules by The Free Dictionary

Propagules synonyms, Propagules pronunciation, Propagules translation, English dictionary definition of Propagules. n. A portion of a plant or fungus, ...

Propagule - Wikipedia

Propagules are produced by plants (in the form of seeds or spores), ... In horticulture, a propagule is any plant material used for the purpose of plant propagation.

Propagules | definition of Propagules by Medical dictionary

Looking for online definition of Propagules in the Medical Dictionary? ... propagule. an infective stage of a plant PATHOGEN such as a fungal spore, ...

Propagule | Definition of Propagule by Merriam-Webster

Definition of propagule: a structure (as a cutting, a seed, or a spore) that propagates a plant. Origin and Etymology of propagule. New Latin propagulum, from Latin ...

Propagule - definition of propagule by The Free Dictionary

Propagule - definition of propagule by The Free Dictionary. ... propagule; Propagules; Propagules; Propagules; Propagulum; Propagulum; Propagulum; PROPAL; propale ...

propagule - definition and meaning - Wordnik

propagule: Any of various usually vegetative portions of a plant, such as a bud or other offshoot, that aid in dispersal of the species and from which a new ...

Propagule | definition of propagule by Medical dictionary

Looking for online definition of propagule in the Medical Dictionary? propagule ... a greater number of infective AMF propagules were recorded in the buffel ...

Propagule pressure - Wikipedia

Propagule pressure (also termed introduction effort) is a composite measure of the number of individuals of a species released into a region to which they are not native.

Propagule - Biology-Online Dictionary

Propagule. Home ยป Propagule. propagule A structure with the capacity to give rise to a new plant, for example a seed, a spore, or a part of the vegetative body ...

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