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p4 set - Perforce Software

To view a list of the values of all Perforce variables, use p4 set without any arguments. If a P4CONFIG file was used to set the variable, its location is displayed.

P4PORT // P4 Command Reference - Perforce Software

P4PORT protocol value Behavior in IPv4/IPv6 or mixed networks <not set> Use tcp4: behavior, but if the address is numeric and contains two ...

Perforce P4CONFIG not being set? - Stack Overflow

Firstly i'm a total beginer with Perforce, ... Perforce P4CONFIG not being set? ... P4PORT=host: port P4USER=user ...

Setting up Perforce – Assembla

Set up Perforce Streams to increase agility and scalability when merging, building, and testing code. ... echo P4PORT=perforce.assembla.com:1666 >> p4config.txt

In Perforce, what is the command to connect to a different ...

In Perforce, what is the command to connect to a different port when switching client user? ... in the registry using 'p4 set': p4 set P4PORT=perforce:1669

[p4] Urgent Help: Connect to server failed; check $P4PORT

Hi, Remember that P4PORT not only specifies the port you connect to but also the host. This can be mildly confusing from time to time. :-) First check that your ...

Using Perforce as Source Control | Unreal Engine

Using Perforce as Source Control. Unreal Engine 4.9. On this page: Workflow; ... p4 set P4USER=your.username p4 set P4PORT=localhost:1666.

Perforce - TeamCity 10.x and 2017.x Documentation - Confluence

Enter / Edit the branch specification as a newline-delimited set of rules. ... when a Perforce stream is used, ... P4PORT - same as vcsroot.<VCS root ID>.port parameter;

Moving Server Components on the Same Machine

Moving Server Components on the Same Machine. Printable View « Go Back. ... p4 set -S "Perforce" P4PORT=1669 Note: Unless you are using a free 20/20 license, ...

Perforce Public Knowledge Base - Common Windows Server ...

Common Windows Server Network Errors. Printable View « Go Back. ... Make sure that it is set properly with 'p4 set-S Perforce P4PORT' and if it's not, set it: ...

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