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Orthodox Judaism is the approach to religious Judaism which subscribes to a tradition of mass revelation and adheres to the interpretation and application ...

Homosexuality in Orthodox Judaism

HOMOSEXUALITY IN ORTHODOX JUDAISM Rabbi Dr. Nachum Amsel THE CLASSIC TORAH VIEW OF HOMOSEXUALITY The Torah clearly states its views about the act of homosexuality.

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Orthodox Judaism General Information Orthodox Judaism teaches that the Torah, in both its written and oral form, was given to Moses directly by

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Jewish people who claim to be Orthodox can trace their roots to 1,400 years before Jesus’ birth. Orthodox Judaism claims to have Ezra the scribe as its forefather.

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Culture and religion information sheet—Judaism 3 Key beliefs For those who subscribe to the orthodox belief in Judaism, the central text is the Torah: the five books

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THE ORTHODOX JEWISH BIBLE AFI INTERNATIONAL PUBLISHERS P.O. BOX 2056 NEW YORK, NY 10163-2056 U.S.A. internet www.afii.org (212) 245-4188

Orthodox Judaism in America Syllabus

Orthodox Judaism in the United States Sample Syllabus Week 1: What is “Orthodoxy?” “Orthodox Judaism” before “Reform?” PRIMARY READING: Jacob Rader Marcus

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Download the world of orthodox judaism or read online here in PDF or EPUB. Please click button to get the world of orthodox judaism book now.

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Conversion to Judaism ... Orthodox Judaism considers halakhah to be the word of God. Changes to halakhah tend to happen more gradually than in other denominations.

Judaism and Chrstianity - The Twain Shall Never Meet

1 JUDAISM AND CHRISTIANITY – THE TWAIN SHALL NEVER MEET 1 I. INTRODUCTION The idea for this essay was inspired by a very succinct and effective presentation of