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BT avoids Openreach breakup but Ofcom orders more ...

Media regulator Ofcom instead orders BT to give further independence and investment powers to broadband division

BT to be fined £42m for breaching contracts with ... - Ofcom

BT will be fined for a serious breach of Ofcom’s rules, after the company reduced compensation payments to other telecoms providers for late installations.

Ofcom orders BT 'separation' from Openreach network

Telecoms regulator Ofcom is to order a legal separation between BT and its Openreach network but stopped short of demanding a full break-up.

Ofcom tells BT to open up cable network to rivals - BBC News

Communications watchdog Ofcom has said BT must open up its cable network, allowing competition to improve internet connection for homes and businesses.

Ofcom forces BT to cut over two million monthly ... - Engadget

Ofcom forces BT to cut over two million monthly phone bills ... Ofcom Chief Executive. "So we plan to cut BT's charge for ... Engadget UK. In this ...

Deutsche Telekom attacks Ofcom over BT split

Deutsche Telekom has attacked the UK telecoms regulator Ofcom over what it describes as the “extreme” measures proposed for the legal separation of BT from its ...

BT agrees to legal separation of Openreach - Ofcom

As part of this, BT will provide Ofcom with additional transparency on the nature of interactions between the new Openreach and the rest of BT Group.

Ofcom tells BT to open up infrastructure to rivals ...

BT has been told to help rivals use its infrastructure to lay fibre cables that are faster than its own copper network, as part of a review of Britain’s broadband ...

Ofcom bans BT/EE from bidding on new 4G spectrum - Engadget

In a bid to bring balance to the UK's mobile industry, communications watchdog Ofcom has confirmed it will limit BT and EE's role in upcoming 4G auctions.

BT ordered to split legally from Openreach by Ofcom - BBC

Telecoms regulator Ofcom orders BT to legally separate its Openreach division, which runs the UK's broadband infrastructure.

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