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Nareepol Tree, Believe it or not? - Facts Analysis | Pranks

Story: Nareepol Tree..... Believe it or not? Hey this is a fruit in human shape. Unbelievable just have a look. This is amazing tree named "Nareepol" in Thai.

Nareepol Tree: Real or Fake? - wafflesatnoon.com

Photographs have been circulating of an alleged Nareepol Tree, a tree which supposedly produces a woman-shaped fruit. Is this tree real or fake?

Interesting Green: Plant Girl - Nareepol Tree - blogspot.com

Plant Girl - Nareepol Tree ... The description of the Nareepol Tree and the photographs of its "fruit" are amusing and the message is basically harmless ...

The Nareepol Tree / Narilatha Flower - Urban Legends

The bloom of the Nareepol tree (aka Narilatha flower) is said to be shaped like a woman and among the rarest plants in the world. We are skeptical.

Nareepol Tree Fruit Maidens in Thailand - Sacred Siam

Nareepol are fruit maidens that grow from trees according to Thai Buddhist mythology. ... Nareepol tree fruit woman carving on Thai temple window shutter.

Nareepol , The Tree That Bears Fruits In The Shape Of ...

Nareepol , The Tree That Bears Fruits ... and unbelievable Nareepol which is a tree that bears fruits in the shape of ... mythological story behind it. Nareepol, ...

Nareepol Tree - Hoax-Slayer

Nareepol Tree. Jump To: Example Detailed Analysis Comments References. Outline ADD ©Depositphotos.com/add Brief Analysis ADD Tweet. Share. Tweet. Related Links.

Nareepol - Narilatha - Liyathambara flower, HOAX!

Nareepol - Narilatha - Liyathambara flower, HOAX! ... The interesting thing in this story is that all the ... " Nareepol Tree " in Thailand ...

does Nareepol tree really exist? | Yahoo Answers

Does Nareepol tree really exist ... nothing but a very well performed hoax by an extremely talented individual who has taken the pains of making up such a ...

Nariphon - Wikipedia

The Nariphon (Thai: นารีผล), also known as Makkaliphon (Thai: มักกะลีผล, from Pali makkaliphala) is a tree in Buddhist mythology which ...

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