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Narcotics Overdose

A narcotics overdose is a potentially deadly occurrence that results from the use of narcotics such as cocaine, prescription painkillers or other drugs.

Opioid overdose - Wikipedia

Opioid overdose is an acute condition due to excessive opioids. Examples of opioids are: morphine, heroin, tramadol, oxycodone, and methadone.

When to Seek Medical Care for Narcotic Abuse

When to Seek Medical Care for Narcotic Abuse Exams and Tests for Narcotic Abuse

WHO | Information sheet on opioid overdose

Information sheet on opioid overdose November 2014 Key facts. Opioids are psychoactive substances derived from the opium poppy, or their synthetic analogues.

Narcotics Overdose Symptoms

Narcotic overdose symptoms will occur when you over take or abuse the drug. The symptoms can be miserable and uncomfortable.

Opioid intoxication: MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia

Opioid intoxication is a condition caused by use of opioid-based drugs. These include morphine, heroin, oxycodone, and synthetic (man-made) opioid narcotics.

Addicted to Pain Pills: Understanding Narcotic Abuse

What are the symptoms of opioid addiction? How does dependence differ from addiction? Learn more about narcotic abuse.

Opioid Basics | Drug Overdose | CDC Injury Center

Prescription opioids can be prescribed by doctors to treat moderate to severe pain, but can also have serious risks and side effects. Common types are oxycodone ...

About the Epidemic | HHS.gov

Prescription drug abuse and overdose, heroin abuse, opioid prescribing practices, and how government is addressing the opioid epidemic.

Opioid Toxicity: Practice Essentials, Background ...

Opioid Abuse; Opioid Toxicity; Opioid Equivalents and Conversions; Opioids/Benzodiazepines Poisoning; Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome; Quiz: Do You Know Best ...

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