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The Marmara region, occupying the northwestern corner of the country, bridges Asia and Europe. The most populated part of Turkey, its relevance in history as well as ...

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Marmara is a region in northwestern Turkey. It is Turkey's bridge and connection to Europe. Turkey's largest city, Istanbul is the region's unofficial capital.

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Marmara region is to the west of Turkey, bordering Greece and Bulgaria. The major city is Istanbul.

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The Marmara Region (Turkish: Marmara Bölgesi) is a geographical region of Turkey. Located in northwestern Turkey, it is bordered by Greece and the Aegean Sea to the ...

Marmara region, Turkey

Marmara Region. The Marmara Region forms a passage between the Balkan Peninsula and Anatolia. Europe and Asia are connected to each other in this ...

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West Marmara Region Batı Marmara Bölgesi; Region: Country: Turkey: Area • Region: 41,280 km 2 (15,940 sq mi) Population (2014) • Region: 3,351,582

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Discover four cities and one amazing island to visit in the Marmara region of Turkey: Istanbul, Bursa, Cannakale, Edirne, and Bozcaada.

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Tag Archives: The Marmara Region Geography. Climate, ... is a mountainous area in the north. This region is approximately 1/6 of Turkey’s total land mass.

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7 regions of Turkey and their maps including Mediterranean, Aegean and Marmara

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