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LedgerLOK Deck Ledger Structural Wood Screw - Trim Screws

LedgerLOK is a code-compliant deck ledger board to rim joist structural wood screw that can be attached with no predrilling. LedgerLOK replaces lag screws and through ...

Decks.com. Ledger Board Fasteners

Compare lag bolts, carriage bolts and structural screws as deck ledger board fasteners. Take a look at our ledger board fastener spacing chart.

5 in. LedgerLok Coarse Steel Flat-Head Hex Ledger Board ...

Get the FastenMaster LedgerLok 5 in. Coarse Steel Flat-Head Hex Ledger Board Fasteners (50-Pack) FMLL005-50, coarse thread includes 50 fasteners at The Home Depot

HOMETIME HOW TO, Decks - Attaching Ledger Board and ...

Use lag screws to secure the ledger board permanently to the house framing, generally 1 or 2 lag screws driven in between each pair of joists.

Deck Ledger Board - Best Deck Site

Ledger Board Deck. Ledger Bolts & Connectors. In terms of the deck's overall design, one of the most important decisions deck builders must make is whether to attach ...

Decks.com. How To Build A Deck - Attaching the Ledger Board

Learn how to properly install a waterproof deck ledger board using flashing and fasteners. Check out our step by step video and detail drawings.

5 in. Ledger Board Fastener - The Home Depot

Save time, money and labor costs. Ledger Lok is the first fastener engineered to attached deck ledger boards to the rim board of the house with no periling.

How to Install Deck Ledger Boards | Home Guides | SF Gate

A ledger board is the part that attaches the deck to the house. ... How to Install Deck Ledger Boards. ... Insert 4-inch long lag bolts with a washer into each hole.

Deck Ledger Attachment Methods | Structure Tech...

Special Ledger Screws. ... Is it possible to fix the deck by removing the it and putting in a ledger board and the resecuring it correctly to the ledger and house ...

deck - How can I attach a ledger board to my house? - Home ...

How can I attach a ledger board to my house? ... Knowing this I knew that lag screws or even carriage bolts to hold a ledger board would not be sufficient.

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