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Definition of Imperative Mood and How It's Used in Spanish

The imperative mood is used when telling people what to do. Our Grammar Glossary explains and provides examples in English and Spanish.

Imperative in Spanish | SpanishDict

Learn about the imperative mood, imperative verbs, imperative sentences, and the imperative in Spanish with this article.

Imperative Mood (commands) - Spanish Grammar in Context

Usted, nosotros, and ustedes commands. For the usted, nosotros, and ustedes forms, the imperative is formed using the corresponding forms of the present subjunctive

Direct Commands in Spanish: The Imperative Mood

Learn all about Direct Commands in Spanish here. If you want to tell someone what to do, in Spanish you use the imperative mood.

Imperativo - Spanish Imperative - e Learn Spanish Language

Spanish Imperative - Imperativo. The imperative is a verb mood used to give a command, either affirmative (Go!) or negative (Don't go!). The Spanish imperative exists ...

Imperative - Commands - Study Spanish Free Online

The Spanish Imperative Mood guides students in the formation of Formal & Informal Commands, along with example sentences and exercises.

Spanish verbs - Wikipedia

In Spanish, using the imperative mood may sound blunt or even rude, so it is often used with care. ... Spanish Lessons - Spanish verbs, grammar, slang, idioms and ...

Commands (the Imperative Mood) - Spanish411

Spanish Commands (the Imperative Mood) Tweet: by Steve Fortna : Full Lesson : At a Glance : Presentation : As you get better and better at Spanish ...

How to Teach Commands to First Year Spanish Language Students

Imperative Mood Lesson Plan. The following lesson plan can be used by Spanish teachers to introduce the imperative mood to English-speaking Spanish students.

Subjunctive vs. Indicative in Spanish | SpanishDict

Grammatical mood reflects a speaker's attitude toward a statement. As stated above, Spanish has three moods: the subjunctive, the indicative, and the imperative ...

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