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Imperative mood - Wikipedia

The 'imperative mood' is a grammatical mood that forms commands or requests, including the giving of prohibition or permission, or any other kind of advice ...

What Is the Imperative Mood? (grammar lesson)

What Is the Imperative Mood? (with Examples) The imperative mood is a verb form which makes a command or a request. For example: Empty the bin, John.

Imperative Mood - Definition and Examples in English

Imperative mood is the form of the verb that makes direct commands and requests. Get the full definition and see examples here.

Imperative in Spanish | SpanishDict

Learn about the imperative mood, imperative verbs, imperative sentences, and the imperative in Spanish with this article.

English moods (imperative, indicative, and subjunctive ...

Mood is only one of many verb properties, others being tense, aspect, and voice. It is expressed through the sentence’s verbs and grammatical structure.

English Grammar - The Imperative Mood - Learn English

The Imperative Mood. The imperative mood (often referred to simply as a command) is used to express demands, instructions or requests. We usually use the second ...

Indicative Mood, Imperative Mood and Subjunctive Mood

English Moods: Indicative Mood, Imperative Mood and Subjunctive Mood: What are they and how do you use them correctly? Explanations, illustrations and examples.

The Imperative Mood of English Verbs | Linguistics Girl

Learn about the formation and use of the imperative mood of English verbs to make direct commands or requests and grant or deny permission.

Imperative Mood (commands) - Spanish Grammar in Context

The imperative (imperativo) is used to give commands or orders. You may recognize the imperative from commands such as oye or r epite. It is one of three moods in the ...

Moods in Verbs

It explains the difference between various verb moods in English. ... Most sentences in English are in the indicative mood. ... The imperative ...

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