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Geyser activity, like all hot spring activity, is caused by surface water gradually seeping down through the ground until it meets rock heated by magma.

Geysers - Yellowstone National Park (U.S. National Park ...

Yellowstone National Park has approximately half of the world’s geysers—and most of them, including Old Faithful, are located at the Upper Geyser Basin.

Geyser - definition of geyser by The Free Dictionary

geyser Water contained in porous rock seeps into an opening. Heated by magma below, it escapes under pressure to the earth's surface. gey·ser (gī′zər) n. 1. A ...

Geyser | Define Geyser at Dictionary.com

Geyser definition, a hot spring that intermittently sends up fountainlike jets of water and steam into the air. See more.

What is a Geyser? | Geyser Pictures & Video | Hot Water!

A geyser is a vent in Earth's surface that periodically ejects a column of hot water and steam. Even a small geyser is an amazing phenomenon; however, some geysers ...

Geyser | Definition of Geyser by Merriam-Webster

Define geyser: a hole in the ground that shoots out hot water and steam; also : the column of water and steam that comes from a… — geyser in a sentence

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Britannica Web sites. Articles from Britannica encyclopedias for elementary and high school students. geyser - Children's Encyclopedia (Ages 8-11)

Old Faithful Geyser of California

We are open today! March 23, 2017 Come in for a visit! 7-days a week 8:30am - 7:00pm phone - 707-942-6463. Menu Skip to content

geyser - Wiktionary

geyser (plural geysers) (planetology, geology, volcanology) A boiling natural spring which throws forth at frequent intervals jets of water, mud etc ...

The Geysers of Yellowstone | The Geysers of Yellowstone

Hot Springs are similar to geysers, but their underground channels are large enough to allow rapid circulation of water. Rising hot water releases heat energy by ...

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