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Game design document - Wikipedia

A game design document may be made of text, images, diagrams, concept art, or any applicable media to better illustrate design decisions.

Gamasutra - Creating A Great Design Document

The definitive guide for successful game design documentation. Read this before you make the pitch!

Game Design Document - Tufts University

Game Design Document An Ant's Life Ian Altgilbers Jessie Berlin Alissa Cooper Eric Gustavson Greg Harris Matthew Knowles Huy Ngu Gregory Scott Rashmi Singhal

Game Design Document Template - Computer Science

Game Design Document Outline . A game design document is the blueprint from which a game is to be built. As such, every single detail necessary to build the game ...

Chris Taylor Game Design Document Sample

Chris Taylor Game Design Document Sample. ... For all of you who have ever wondered what they look like or need one for your own personal game project, check out ...

Death of the game design document | Develop

Death of the game design document. By Jagex's James Sweatman. ... Regardless of title, they all describe one thing; the living design document for a video game.

Gamasutra - The Anatomy of a Design Document, Part 1 ...

The purpose of design documentation is to express the vision for the game, describe the contents, and present a plan for implementation. A design document is a bible ...

Game Design Documentation and Collaboration - Gamescrye

Gamescrye is a cloud-based game design documentation and collaboration tool. At it's core is a powerful document organization system. Organize game ideas into a group ...

SEGAN: GDD?! Game Design Document Examples

I think I've found the answer. This article really points out the struggle of creating and managing a game design document and everyone here seems to use some form of ...

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