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Eglah Arufah: Of Calves & Fruit • Torah.org

The Mitzvah: In response to finding a corpse in the Land of Israel, the elders of the closest town would decapitate a calf, an Eglah Arufah that was a communal ...

Eglah Arufah - Jewish Knowledge Base

Eglah Arufah: (lit. "calf, decapitated"); the calf decapitated as penitence for an unsolved murder The Blame Game. By Rochel Holzkenner. While no one will argue that ...


WORD STUDY – ‘EGLAH ARUFAH. Posted on February 8, 2015 February 8, 2015 by Chaim. ... You see the ‘eglah arufah literally means the beheading of a heifer.

Parshat Chukat: Parah Adumah and Eglah Arufah - OU Torah

Parshat Chukat: Parah Adumah and Eglah Arufah. Rabbi Bernie Fox “This is the law of the Torah that Hashem commanded saying: Speak to Bnai Yisrael.

JOSEPH AND THE EGLAH ARUFAH - jbq.jewishbible.org

By sending an eglah arufah, so to speak, to Jacob, Joseph is hint-ing that Jacob, like the elders, is not responsible for Joseph`s death. Fortu-

What’s the meaning of the ‘eglah arufah’ ritual ...

SAN DIEGO–Parashat Shoftim contains the obtuse ritual of the eglah arufah (heifer whose neck was broken). If a murder victim is found outside of one or ...

The Eglah Arufa and Modern Police Work | Rigoberto Vinas ...

Divrei Emmanuel: Words of Torah in Honor of Shabbat Parashat Shoftim 5774 The Eglah Arufah and Modern Police Work: The View of Jewish Police Chaplain

The Judges and the ‘Eglah Arufah | Torah.org

I would like to share two unrelated insights regarding the Eglah Arufah and then combine them to (hopefully) deepen our understanding of this declaration. II.

Eglah Arufah | Ahavat Elohim (The Love Of God) Messianic ...

The Law of eglah arufah is a command emplied by Joseph's sending for his father Israel. It is an instruction that when sending one on his way, we must enable them for ...

Shoftim in a Nutshell - Texts & Summaries - Parshah

Shoftim in a Nutshell. Deuteronomy 16:18–21 ... The Parshah concludes with the law of the eglah arufah—the special procedure to be followed when a person is ...

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