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Darfur Genocide « World Without Genocide

The “Darfur Genocide” refers to the current mass slaughter and rape of Darfuri men, women, and children in Western Sudan. The killings began in 2003, as the first ...

Darfur Conflict - origins.osu.edu

Behind the tragic events in Darfur lies a complex history of deeply entrenched social inequalities, ... The Darfur conflict should be seen as part of these larger, ...

Past Genocides - Armenia, Holocaust, Bosnia, Rwanda, Darfur

The better we understand past genocides, the better equipped we are to prevent and respond to future genocides and mass atrocities.

Genocide in the Darfur Region of Sudan

Genocide in the Darfur Region of Sudan (2004-Present) Civil war has existed between the northern and southern regions of Sudan for more than a decade.

Sudan profile - Timeline - BBC News

A chronology of key events. Accessibility links. ... US Secretary of State Colin Powell describes Darfur killings as genocide. ... BBC News Services.

Darfur Genocide Timeline - Softschools.com

Darfur Genocide Timeline Timeline Description: Darfur is a region of Sudan and is predominantly made up of Arab Muslims. When two Darfuri rebel groups launched a ...

Event in Schenectady highlights Darfur genocide | The ...

Local faith organizations came together in Central Park Sunday to raise awareness of the plight of people in war-torn Darfur in Africa. A couple hundred people ...

Darfur Genocide - Jewish World Watch - jww.org

The first genocide of the 21st century, the Darfur genocide has caused the deaths of approximately 400,000 Darfuris, and displaced more than three million people.

List of genocides by death toll - Wikipedia

The United Nations Genocide Convention defines genocide as "acts committed with intent to destroy, ... Event Location From To Lowest estimate Highest ...

Events - United to End Genocide

Events are going on across the country to help make ending genocide a reality. Find rallies, concerts, meetings and other great happenings near you.

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