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Chordates eat plants and animals. Nervous: An chordate has a brain and nervous system. Most chordates have two eyes and at least a minimal system of hearing as fish ...

The Digestive System and Its Chordata Phylum

Similar to humans but unlike some other phylum, Chordates eat through ingestion rather than absorption. In the Chordata phylum the species can be herbivores ...

How do chordata eat - Answers.com

what do chordatas eat what do chordatas eat Chordates eat through ingestion, which is closest to humans.

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What do chordates eat? Animal life category include Questions and Answers about animals of all types pets,sea life,wild life and farm animals. Ask Question

What do chordates eat - Answers.com

chordates can eat many many different things, because there are many many different types of chordates, so in order to get the exact answer, you must be more specific.

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chordate: any member of the phylum Chordata, which includes the vertebrates, the most highly evolved animals, as well as two other subphyla—the tunicates and ...

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What are Chordates? - animals with spinal ... and most of the meat and fish that you might eat, and it includes you, too. All chordates produce eggs which turn into ...

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Chordata * They also eat squids and other billfish. Only humans and mackerel sharks, killer whales and bigger billfish eat billfish. The bill can be used in ...

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A tunicate is a marine invertebrate animal, a member of the subphylum Tunicata, which is part of the Chordata, a phylum which includes all animals with dorsal nerve ...

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I need to know what ALL Chordata eat before tomorrow so if you get this please hurry!!!

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