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STD Facts - Chlamydia

What is chlamydia? Chlamydia is a common STD that can infect both men and women. It can cause serious, permanent damage to a woman's reproductive system.

3 Ways to Recognize Chlamydia Symptoms (for Men) - wikiHow

How to Recognize Chlamydia Symptoms (for Men). Chlamydia, specifically chlamydia trachomatis, is a common and curable but dangerous sexually transmitted infection ...

Chlamydia In Men - Chlamydia Symptoms

Chlamydia symptoms in men vary in both type and severity, according to many factors. In a large number of infected people (an estimated 50% of men and 70% of women ...

Chlamydia in Women/Men: Symptoms, Treatments

WebMD explains the causes, symptoms, and treatment of chlamydia, a common sexually transmitted diseases that affects women and men.

How Chlamydia Symptoms Present in Men

Chlamydia is the most common sexually transmitted infection in men. Know the signs, symptoms, and treatment for this STI, and how to be safe.

Male Chlamydial Urethritis: Causes, Symptoms & Diagnosis

Chlamydial urethritis in men is an infection of the urethra caused by the sexually transmitted disease (STD) chlamydia. The urethra carries urine from the bladder ...

Chlamydia In Men - Symptoms and Diagnosis | DrEd

The symptoms of chlamydia in men can be difficult to spot. Find out how to recognise chlamydia and order an easy to use home test kit. Free Delivery

What Is the Chlamydia Infection and How Do You Get It?

What is Chlamydia? Chlamydia is a bacterial infection that’s easily cured with antibiotic medicine. It’s one of the most common STDs, and most people who have ...

Online Doctor – Convenient & Discreet Online Diagnosis | DrEd

DrEd's online doctor service provides discreet, ... Anal Gonorrhoea and Chlamydia Test; Men Who Have Sex With Men Test Kit; Test Kit For Women; HPV Test Kit;

Chlamydia infection - Wikipedia

Chlamydia infection, often simply known as chlamydia, is a sexually transmitted infection caused by the bacterium Chlamydia trachomatis. Most people who are infected ...

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