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Character encodings in HTML - Wikipedia

Specifying the document's character encoding. There are several ways to specify which character encoding is used in the document. First, the web server can include ...

HTML Encoding (Character Sets) - w3schools.com

To display an HTML page correctly, a web browser must know which character set (character encoding) to use.

Character encoding in HTML | W3C Blog

In regards the final note to HTML authors, our server serves HTML as iso-8859-1. If I follow rule one and use utf-8, then I get a warning from validation engines that ...

UTF-8: The Secret of Character Encoding - HTML Purifier

Character encoding and character sets are not that difficult to understand, but so many people blithely stumble through the worlds of programming without knowing what ...

Declaring character encodings in HTML - w3.org

Tutorial, Handling character encodings in HTML and CSS. Related links, Authoring HTML & CSS. Characters; Declaring the character encoding for HTML;

HTML Character Sets - w3schools.com

HTML Character Sets. What is the correct character encoding to use in HTML? For HTML5, the default character encoding is UTF-8. This has not always been the case.

Character encoding in HTML - Stack Overflow

Character encoding in HTML. ... Make sure you save the actual file in the same character encoding as the one that you want to display to the end user ...

HTML Character Encoder Tool - TextFixer.com

Encode text with accents and special characters into HTML character entities for use in a web page. This free online tool can also decode some text if you want to do ...

HTML Validation: Using Character Encodings

Other languages: fran├žais. A character encoding is a method of converting bytes into characters. To validate or display an HTML document, a program must choose a ...

Unicode and HTML - Wikipedia

In order to work around the limitations of legacy encodings, HTML is designed such that it is possible to represent characters from the whole of Unicode inside an ...

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