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Character encodings in HTML - Wikipedia

Specifying the document's character encoding. There are several ways to specify which character encoding is used in the document. First, the web server can include ...

HTML Encoding (Character Sets) - W3Schools

The HTML charset Attribute. To display an HTML page correctly, a web browser must know the character set used in the page. This is specified in the <meta> tag:

UTF-8: The Secret of Character Encoding - HTML Purifier

Character encoding and character sets are not that difficult to understand, but so many people blithely stumble through the worlds of programming without knowing what ...

Character encoding in HTML | W3C Blog

@ Dana Lee Ling: good point indeed. A web server should either give the content managers the possibility of overriding the default character encoding, or not set a ...

Handling character encodings in HTML and CSS (tutorial)

W3C i18n tutorial: What you need to know about character encodings and characters in HTML and CSS.

HTML Character Sets - W3Schools

Common HTML Character Sets. ANSI was the first official default character set in Windows. The default character set in HTML 4 was 8859-1. The default character set in ...

HTML Unicode (UTF-8) Reference - W3Schools

The Unicode Character Sets. Unicode can be implemented by different character sets. The most commonly used encodings are UTF-8 and UTF-16:

HTML Character Sets - W3Schools

HTML Character Sets. What is the correct character encoding to use in HTML? For HTML5, the default character encoding is UTF-8. This has not always been the case.

HTML meta charset Attribute - W3Schools

Definition and Usage. The charset attribute specifies the character encoding for the HTML document. Tip: The charset attribute can be locally overridden using the ...

Declaring character encodings in HTML

One advantage of using the HTTP header is that user agents can find the character encoding information sooner when it is sent in the HTTP header.

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