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Cephalization is considered an evolutionary trend, whereby nervous tissue, over many generations, becomes concentrated toward one end of an organism.

cephalization | biology | Britannica.com

Cephalization, the differentiation of the anterior (front) end of an organism into a definite head. Considered an evolutionary advance, cephalization is accompanied ...

Cephalization | Definition of Cephalization by Merriam-Webster

Define cephalization: a tendency in the evolution of organisms to concentrate the sensory and neural organs in an anterior head

Cephalization | Define Cephalization at Dictionary.com

Cephalization definition, a tendency in the development of animals to localization of important organs or parts in or near the head. See more.

Cephalization - definition of cephalization by The Free ...

ceph·a·li·za·tion (sĕf′ə-lĭ-zā′shən) n. An evolutionary trend in the animal kingdom toward centralization of neural and sensory organs in the head or ...

Cephalization dictionary definition | cephalization defined

The definition of cephalization means the trend in evolution for the nervous system and the sensory organs to be positioned near the human or animal head.

What Is Cephalization in Zoology? | Education - Seattle PI

Cephalization is an evolutionary trend in which the neurons in an organism become concentrated at one end of its body -- particularly the head region -- allowing the ...

Cephalization facts, information, pictures | Encyclopedia ...

Cephalization. Cephalization is the process in animals by which nervous and sensory tissues become concentrated in the "head." The evolution of a head allows ...

Cephalization | definition of cephalization by Medical ...

However humans are not unique in possessing intelligence and there is a general trend in evolution toward greater intelligence from the beginnings of cephalization in ...

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