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Cephalization is considered an evolutionary trend, whereby nervous tissue, over many generations, becomes concentrated toward one end of an organism.

Cephalization | Definition of Cephalization by Merriam-Webster

Define cephalization: a tendency in the evolution of organisms to concentrate the sensory and neural organs in an anterior head

cephalization | biology | Britannica.com

Cephalization, the differentiation of the anterior (front) end of an organism into a definite head. Considered an evolutionary advance, cephalization is accompanied ...

Cephalization | Define Cephalization at Dictionary.com

Cephalization definition, a tendency in the development of animals to localization of important organs or parts in or near the head. See more.

Cephalization - definition of cephalization by The Free ...

ceph·a·li·za·tion (sĕf′ə-lĭ-zā′shən) n. An evolutionary trend in the animal kingdom toward centralization of neural and sensory organs in the head or ...

What Is Cephalization in Zoology? | Education - Seattle PI

Cephalization is an evolutionary trend in which the neurons in an organism become concentrated at one end of its body -- particularly the head region -- allowing the ...

Cephalization | definition of cephalization by Medical ...

However humans are not unique in possessing intelligence and there is a general trend in evolution toward greater intelligence from the beginnings of cephalization in ...

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ICU Chest Films > Fluid in the Chest > Pulmonary Edema > Cephalization. Cephalization The initial phase of cardiogenic pulmonary edema is manifested as ...

Cephalisation | definition of Cephalisation by Medical ...

cephalization (redirected from Cephalisation) Also found in: Dictionary, Encyclopedia, Wikipedia. Related to Cephalisation: cephalization. ceph·a·li·za·tion

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