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Bouvet Island (Norwegian: Bouvetøya, previously spelled Bouvet-øya) is an uninhabited subantarctic high island and dependency of Norway located in the South ...

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Bouvet Island is 1,700 kilometers from Antarctica, and further away from anywhere else. The island is a volcano covered with a glacier. The few expeditions ...

An abandoned lifeboat at world’s end | A Blast From The Past

Breaking news: a credible solution to the Bouvet Island lifeboat mystery has been found. See comments for 22-27 May 2011, 12 November 2011, and 17-20 March 2016.

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Bouvet Island is one of the most remote islands in the world; Antarctica, over 1,600 km (1,000 mi) to the south, is the nearest land mass. Located near the junction ...

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Bouvet Island is an uninhabited 58.5 km² volcanic, mostly inaccessible, island in the Southern Ocean, south-southwest of Cape Town. It is thought to be the most ...

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Photo of Cape Valdivia, Bouvet Island, Norwegian uninhabited island in the South Atlantic Ocean. The image is mirrored

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Discover Bouvet Island in Norway: This uninhabited volcanic island is the most remote in the world.

The Abandoned Lifeboat on Bouvet Island | Historic Mysteries

Only the most adventurous travelers visit Bouvet Island and only a very unfortunate soul would wind up there in a lifeboat, unless it was a landing craft.

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Historical maps Bouvet Island was discovered by the French explorer Jean-Baptiste Charles Bouvet de Lozier in 1739. He called it "Cap de la Circoncision ...

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News. 3Y0Z. News and information about Amateur Radio DX Pedition to Bouvet Island, mostly inaccesible, uninhabited island.