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A basidium (pl., basidia) is a microscopic, spore-producing structure found on the hymenophore of fruiting bodies of basidiomycete fungi. The presence of basidia is ...

Basidium - definition of basidium by The Free Dictionary

is a group of basidium fungi which is traditionnaly discriminated on the basis of formal resemblance, including species of wood destroyers, having sessile (or rarer ...

Withered Basidium - Quest - World of Warcraft - Wowhead

Take the Withered Basidium to Ruam in Telredor in Zangarmarsh. A level 60 Zangarmarsh Quest. +250 reputation with Exodar. Added in World of Warcraft: Wrath of the ...

basidium | biology | Britannica.com

Basidium, in fungi (kingdom Fungi), the organ in the members of the phylum Basidiomycota that bears sexually reproduced bodies called basidiospores.

Basidium | Definition of Basidium by Merriam-Webster

Define basidium: a structure on a basidiomycete in which karyogamy occurs followed by meiosis to form usually four basidiospores

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Basidium definition, a special form of sporophore, characteristic of basidiomycetous fungi, on which the sexual spores are borne, usually at the tips of slender ...

Basidium dictionary definition | basidium defined

A, Basidium with two nuclei. In young asci a similar fusion of two nuclei occurs, and also in basidia, in each case the nucleus of the ascus or of the basidium ...

basidium - Mushroom | The Journal

This series of drawings shows the development of this type of basidium. A third type of phragmobasidium is simply a string of four cells, each bearing its own ...

Basidiomycota - Wikipedia

Basidiomycota (/ b ə ˌ s ɪ d i. oʊ m aɪ ˈ k ... In the human pathogenic genus Cryptococcus, four nuclei following meiosis remain in the basidium, but ...

Basidia - definition of basidia by The Free Dictionary

ba·sid·i·a (bə-sĭd′ē-ə) n. Plural of basidium. ba•sid•i•um (bəˈsɪd i əm) n., pl. -sid•i•a (-ˈsɪd i ə) a special form of sporophore ...

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