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Stenosis of nasolacrimal duct, acquired - RightDiagnosis.com

Stenosis of nasolacrimal duct, acquired information including symptoms, causes, diseases, symptoms, treatments, and other medical and health issues.

Nasolacrimal duct obstruction - Wikipedia

Nasolacrimal duct obstruction (NLDO) is the obstruction of nasolacrimal duct and may be either congenital or acquired. Obstruction of the nasolacrimal duct leads to ...

Acquired stenosis of nasolacrimal duct (Concept Id: C0155248)

Acquired dacryostenosis; Acquired nasolacrimal duct stenosis; Acquired tear duct stenosis: SNOMED CT:

H04.551-553 Acquired Stenosis Of Nasolacrimal Duct ...

The nasolacrimal duct is a channel that allows tears to drain from the external eye to the nasal cavity. A nasolacrimal duct obstruction is an acquired or congenital ...

Stenosis of nasolacrimal duct, acquired - ICD-9 Data.com

Stenosis of nasolacrimal duct, acquired. 2015; ... Stenosis of lacrimal system; ICD-9-CM Volume 2 Index entries containing back-references to 375.56: Cicatrix ...

Nasolacrimal Duct Obstruction, Congenital - EyeWiki

Acquired nasolacrimal duct or canalicular obstructions can occur following trauma, viral conjunctivitis, acute dacryocystitis, and use of topical antiviral medications.

Acquired Nasolacrimal Duct Stenosis - care.com

Acquired stenosis of nasolacrimal duct, Acquired tear duct stenosis; You may only think of tears as those salty drops that fall from your eyes when you cry.

Obstruction Nasolacrimal Duct - Medscape Reference

Sections Obstruction Nasolacrimal Duct. Overview. Background; ... Linberg and McCormick coined the term primary acquired nasolacrimal duct ...

Dacryocystorhinostomy for Acquired Nasolacrimal Duct ...

Dacryocystorhinostomy for Acquired Nasolacrimal Duct Stenosis in the Elderly (≥80 Years of Age) Presented at: Women in Ophthalmology Summer Symposium, August 2016 ...

Nasolacrimal Duct Obstruction — AAPOS

How common is nasolacrimal duct obstruction? ... Sometimes a tube (stent) is placed in the nasolacrimal system while a child is asleep to prevent recurrence of tearing.

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