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Thuringii - Wikipedia

The Thuringii or Toringi, were a Germanic tribe that appeared late during the Völkerwanderung in the Harz Mountains of central Germania still called Thuringia.

Kingdoms of Germany - Thuringia - The History Files

European Kingdoms Central Europe ... Thuringii / Kingdom of Thuringia AD 400 - 531. The Thuringians are thought to have been mainly of Anglian stock from what is now ...

Thuringii | Article about Thuringii by The Free Dictionary

Looking for Thuringii? Find out information about Thuringii. a Germanic tribal group that arose as a result of the intermixing of various Germanic tribes, ...

Amalafreda "the Younger", Queen of the Thuringii

Matching family tree profiles for Amalafreda "the Younger", Queen of the Thuringii

D C O'Driscoll / Thuringii

Kings of the Thuringii . 1. Basinus / Basinus, King of the Thuringii; fl. ca. 460 - 506/10; also called Bisin, Bessinus & Besinus. Jansen splits him into two people ...

Thuringia - Wikipedia

The name Thuringia or Thüringen derives from the Germanic tribe Thuringii, who emerged during the Migration Period. Their origin is largely unknown.

Turingii Thuringii Tribe Portal - Duerinck

TURINGII, THURINGII TRIBE PORTAL. Preface: This is a first attempt at collecting any information regarding the germanic Turingii (Thuringii) Tribe or their forebears.

Thuringii - Infogalactic: the planetary knowledge core

The Thuringii or Toringi were a Germanic tribe which appeared late during the Völkerwanderung in the Harz Mountains of central Germania, in a region which still ...

Thuringia | historical region and state, Germany ...

Thuringia is a relatively poor state by German standards, and, owing to severe economic problems following German reunification in 1990, ...

Baderich (c.480 - 519) - Genealogy - geni.com

Baderic, Baderich, Balderich, Balderick or Boderic (c.480-c.529), son of Bisinus and Basina, was a co-king of the Thuringii. He and his brothers Hermanfrid and ...

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