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Taxonomy (from Ancient Greek: τάξις taxis, "arrangement", and -νομία-nomia, "method") is the science of defining groups of biological organisms ...

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Taxonomy, in a broad sense, the science of classification, but more strictly the classification of living and extinct organisms—i.e., biological classification.

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Home » Taxonomy. Definition. noun. The science of finding, describing, classifying, and naming organisms, including the studying of the relationships between taxa ...

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Taxonomy - the science of classifying organisms Why do we need a system to classify and name organisms? Here are some common names: spider monkey sea

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Taxonomy vs. classification Taxonomy is the practice and science of classification It is usually organized by supertype-subtype relationships (generalization ...

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Biology4Kids.com! This tutorial introduces species taxonomy. Other sections include animal systems, cells, vertebrates, and plants.

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Taxonomy method") is the academic discipline of defining groups of biological organisms on the basis of shared characteristics and giving names to those groups.

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Taxonomy Biology. Taxonomy. Binomial Nomenclature. Kingdom. Species. Science behind the system of naming species. Systematic naming of species. Highest rank in ...

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Taxonomy (biology) is part of the WikiProject Biology, an effort to build a comprehensive and detailed guide to biology on Wikipedia. Leave messages on the ...

Taxonomy - Classifying and Identifying Organisms

Taxonomy is a hierarchical system for classifying and identifying organisms. This system was developed by Swedish scientist Carolus Linnaeus in the 18th century.

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