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Pouteria sapota, mamey sapote, is a species of tree native to Mexico and Central America, naturally ranging from southern Mexico to southern Costa Rica ...

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Sapote Pouteria sapota (Jacq.) H.E. Moore & Stearn Pouteria mammosa (L.) Cronquist Lucuma mammosa Gaertn. Achradelpha mammosaCook

Mamey Sapote - Pouteria sapota - Trade Winds Fruit

Photograph and information on this tropical fruit tree commonly known as mamey sapote, its uses, cultivation and distribution.

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Pouteria sapota Family: Sapotaceae Mamey, Mamey Sapote Origin: Central America. The Mamey Sapote occurs naturally in Southern Mexico to Northern Nicaragua, and has ...

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Botanical name: Pouteria sapota (Jacq.) H. Moore & Steam Family: Sapotaceae . Common names. English. sapote, mammee zapote, marmalade plum; Spanish: zapote, mamey ...

Pouteria sapota (Mamey sapote) - THE WORLDWIDE FRUITS

1.2- Species Pouteria sapota - Mamey sapote + Overview Pouteria sapota, mamey sapote, is a species in the genus Pouteria, in the subfamily ...

Slow Food USA: Pantin Mamey Sapote

Pantin Mamey Sapote Pouteria sapota. A unique, tropical tree fruit with an interior texture that is both creamy and sweet, the vibrant salmon-colored flesh of the ...

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Pouteria is a genus of flowering trees in the gutta-percha family, Sapotaceae. The genus is widespread throughout the tropical regions of the world.

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Sapote (Pouteria sapota) Contents - Previous - Next. Botanical name: Pouteria sapata (Jacq.) H. Moore & Steam Family: Sapotaceae Common names English.