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Pater familias - Wikipedia

The pater familias, also written as paterfamilias (plural patres familias), was the head of a Roman family. The pater familias was the oldest living male in a household.

Paterfamilias - definition of paterfamilias by The Free ...

Even the general, the paterfamilias, though astonished at first, suddenly declared that, "upon his honour, he really believed he had fancied something of the kind ...

The Roman Family's Father or Pater Familias - thoughtco.com

Pater familias was master of the house, the father of the family, including blood relatives and slaves. For more on the role of the pater familias, see this the Roman ...

Pater familias legal definition of Pater familias

Definition of Pater familias in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is Pater familias?

•The Roman Empire in the First Century: Family Life - PBS

Families were dominated by men. At the head of Roman family life was the oldest living male, called the "paterfamilias," or "father of the family."

Pater familias - definition of Pater familias by The Free ...

Define Pater familias. Pater familias synonyms, Pater familias pronunciation, Pater familias translation, English dictionary definition of Pater familias. n.

Pater Familias (Ghost Whisperer) - Wikipedia

"Pater Familias", or "Pater Families" is the third season finale of Ghost Whisperer, it originally aired on May 16, 2008 on CBS in United States.

paterfamilias | ancient Roman society | Britannica.com

The basic unit of society in ancient Rome was the “house,” the extended family ruled by its head, the paterfamilias, to whom his wife, his slaves, and possibly ...

Paterfamilias | Define Paterfamilias at Dictionary.com

Paterfamilias definition, the male head of a household or family, usually the father. See more.

"Ghost Whisperer" Pater Familias (TV Episode 2008) - IMDb

Ghost Whisperer (2005–2010) 8.0 / 10. 113. 1 user 1 critic. Rate This. Pater Familias . TV-PG | 1h | Drama, Fantasy | Episode aired 16 May 2008 Season 3 | ...

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