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Nominal value in economics also refers to a value expressed in monetary terms for a specific year or years, without adjusting for inflation.

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The distinction between real value and nominal value occurs in many fields. From a philosophical viewpoint, nominal value represents an accepted condition, which is a ...

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In contrast with a real value, a nominal value has not been adjusted for inflation, and so changes in nominal value reflect at least in part the effect of inflation.

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nominal value n (Stock Exchange) another name for par value face val•ue (ˈfeɪs ˌvæl yu for 1; ˈfeɪs ˈvæl yu for 2 ) n. 1. the value printed on the face of a ...

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What is the meaning of "nominal" value in engineering field? ... bunch of measurements and report that they are within measurement uncertainty of the nominal value. ...

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Nominal value is also important when pricing bonds in the secondary markets, because bonds are traded as percentages of their nominal value.

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Under the UK Companies Act 1985, shares must have a par or nominal value. The nominal value is set by the company issuing the shares and it is unrelated to market value.

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Definition of nominal value: The value of a share when issued.

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