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Muhammad - Wikipedia

Muhammad (Arabic: محمد ‎‎; pronounced ; c. 570 CE – 8 June 632 CE) is the prophet and founder of Islam. According to Islamic doctrine, he was God ...

Muhammad | prophet of Islam | Britannica.com

Methodology and terminology Sources for the study of the Prophet. The sources for the study of Muhammad are multifarious and include, first and foremost, the Qurʾān ...

Muhammad, Terrorist or Prophet? - True History Of Islam

We apologize to anyone who may be offended by the history of the founder of Islam (Muhammad) below. And we are aware of the sensitivities involved.

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Meet Muhammad Bin Salman, the new Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia

-1 day ago

RIYADH – As Saudi Arabia is exercising new options geographically from aligning itself with Trump led America and detaching itself from Qatar, it is experiencing internal reshuffling as Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman was elevated to Crown Prince ...

Meet Muhammad Bin Salman, the new Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia

-1 day ago

IU professor: Who was the Prophet Muhammad really?

-2 hours ago

Titans' Khalfani Muhammad 'a different type of back'

-51 minutes ago

Are Indiana Muslims Appalled By an 'Accurate' List of Muhammad's Deeds?

-2 days ago

Illinois lawmakers vote to rename a portion of Roosevelt Road ‘Muhammad Ali Road’

-1 hour ago

Muhammad - New World Encyclopedia

Muhammad's legacy lives on in the minds and hearts of billions of Muslims throughout the world, for whom he represents the best model of human conduct.

PBS - Islam: Empire of Faith - Profiles - Muhammad

Muhammad, the prophet of Islam, was born in Mecca around the year 570. Orphaned before he had reached the age of six, he was raised under the ...


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Muhammad’s - Jewish Virtual Library

Muhammad was born in Mecca approximately 570 C.E. and was a member of the Quraysh tribe. As with Moses and Jesus, we know little about his childhood.

Prophet Muhammad (s.a.a.w.)

Hits: 46400 Part One: Prophet Muhammad (s.a.a.w.) Today One in every five persons on this earth firmly believes that the Prophet Muhammad is the last Messenger of God.

Muhammad - ReligionFacts

Muhammad is the founder and chief prophet of Islam and the source for the Quran. "Muhammad" - whose name means "highly praised" - was born in Mecca in 570 AD.

Muhammad in Islam - Wikipedia

Muhammad, the son of ‘Abdullah and his young wife Aminah, was born in 570 CE, approximately, in the city of Mecca in the Arabian Peninsula. He was a member of the ...

Muhammad - Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Muhammad (Arabic: محمد ;AD 570 – 12 July 632 ) was an Arabian religious and political leader. Muslims and Baha'is believe he was a messenger and a prophet of ...

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