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What Is the Imperative Mood? (grammar lesson)

What Is the Imperative Mood? (with Examples) The imperative mood is a verb form which makes a command or a request. For example: Empty the bin, John.

Imperative mood - Wikipedia

The 'imperative mood' is a grammatical mood that forms commands or requests, including the giving of prohibition or permission, or any other kind of advice or exhortation

English Grammar - The Imperative Mood - Learn English

The Imperative Mood. The imperative mood (often referred to simply as a command) is used to express demands, instructions or requests. We usually use the second ...

Imperative Mood - Definition and Examples in English

Imperative mood is the form of the verb that makes direct commands and requests. Get the full definition and see examples here.

English moods (imperative, indicative, and subjunctive ...

These sentences are in the imperative mood: Sit on the sofa. Let me go to bed. Keep reading. Subjunctive mood. The subjunctive mood is complicated.

Imperative in Spanish | SpanishDict

Learn about the imperative mood, imperative verbs, imperative sentences, and the imperative in Spanish with this article.

Defining the Imperative Mood - The Free Dictionary

Instead, we usually use the imperative mood to form imperative sentences when we want to issue direct orders, commands, or general instructions.

Imperative Mood (commands) - Spanish Grammar in Context

Usted, nosotros, and ustedes commands. For the usted, nosotros, and ustedes forms, the imperative is formed using the corresponding forms of the present subjunctive

Moods in Verbs

Moods in Verbs. Most Indo-European languages, in addition to verb tenses (which demonstrate time), have verb moods (which indicate a state of being or reality ...

Imperative Sentences in English: Definition and Examples

An imperative sentence gives advice or instructions or expresses a request or command. Read these examples of imperative sentences.