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Aphanite - Wikipedia

Aphanite, or aphanitic as an adjective (from the Greek αφανης, "invisible"), is a name given to certain igneous rocks that are so fine-grained that their ...

Aphanitic | Define Aphanitic at Dictionary.com

Aphanitic definition, a fine-grained igneous rock having such compact texture that the constituent minerals cannot be detected with the naked eye. See more.

Aphanitic - definition of aphanitic by The Free Dictionary

Creamy white quartz contains black and grey sulfides with pyrite along the margins, cut by clear aphanitic chalcedony veins.

Aphanitic Rock - HyperPhysics Concepts

Aphanitic Rock Aphanitic rock is igneous rock in which the grain or crystalline structure is too fine to be seen by the unaided eye. Such rock is formed when the ...

Aphanite | Definition of Aphanite by Merriam-Webster

Define aphanite: a dark rock of such close texture that its separate grains are invisible to the naked eye

Igneous textures - Wikipedia

Igneous textures include the rock textures occurring in igneous rocks. ... There are six main types of textures; phaneritic, aphanitic, porphyritic, glassy, ...

aphanitic - Wiktionary

aphanitic (comparative more aphanitic, superlative most aphanitic) (geology) Pertaining to or consisting of aphanites, igneous rocks which have crystals too fine to ...

Igneous Rock Textures - Chemeketa Community College

Examples of Aphanitic Rocks (the two images below show a hand sample and a thin section of aphanitic textured rocks) Aphanitic texture consists of small crystals that ...

Fine-Grained (Aphanitic) Textures - University of Pittsburgh

Fine-grained textures generally indicate magmas that rapidly cooled at or near the Earth's surface. Fast cooling prevents crystals from growing very large.

Aphanite - definition of aphanite by The Free Dictionary

Define aphanite. aphanite synonyms, aphanite pronunciation, ... aphanite; Aphanites; Aphanites; aphanitic; aphanitic; Aphanitic rock; Aphanitic rock; aphaniticly;

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