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Ångström - Wikipedia

Use. The ångström is used extensively in crystallography, solid-state physics and chemistry as a unit for d-spacings (the distance between atomic planes in a ...

angstrom (A) | unit of measurement | Britannica.com

Angstrom (Å), unit of length used ... It is named for the 19th-century Swedish physicist Anders Jonas Ångström. The angstrom and multiples of it, the micron (10 4 ...

Ångström distribution - Wikipedia

The Ångström distribution is a Linux distribution for a variety of embedded devices. The distribution is the result of work by developers from the ...

Angstrom | Define Angstrom at Dictionary.com

Angstrom definition, a unit of length, equal to one tenth of a millimicron, or one ten millionth of a millimeter, primarily used to express electromagnetic wavelengths.

Angstrom | Definition of Angstrom by Merriam-Webster

Ångström, Anders Jonas (1814–1874), Swedish astronomer and physicist. One of the early formulators of the science of modern spectroscopy, Ångström wrote ...

ångström - Wiktionary

Inflection of ångström (Kotus type 6/paperi, no gradation) nominative: ångström: ångströmit: genitive: ångströmin: ångströmien ångströmeiden ångströmeitten:

Ångström distribution - Official Site

The v2014.12 release of the Ångström Distribution was granted the Yocto Project Compatible 1.7 status earlier today!

Ångström - Biology-Online Dictionary

Home » Ångström. Definition. noun, plural: Ångströms (unit) (1) A unit of length equal to 0.1 nanometer or 1×10 −10 meters, mainly used for expressing sizes ...

Ångström | definition of Ångström by Medical dictionary

Ångström scale - a table of wavelengths of a large number of light rays corresponding to as many Fraunhofer lines in the spectrum. Ångström unit - Synonym(s): ...

Angstrom scale | definition of Angstrom scale by Medical ...

Looking for online definition of Angstrom scale in the Medical Dictionary? ... ångström - a unit of wavelength, 10-10 m, roughly the diameter of an atom; ...

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